complex issue with pkg poudriere and ports

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Mon Nov 4 12:09:15 UTC 2019


context is 12-stable, amd64, poudriere-devel (remote)

What I'm trying to do is to compile and install k5 (with all the trimmings) 
and plasma for use on a local desktop client.

I've discovered that a couple of ports need to compile on the machine they're
to be installed on. math/atlas I know is like this, math/sage might be another
one. They're used/installed as part of k5. This desktop machine gets its 
packaged ports from a remote poudriere-devel installation which works 
fine for almost all other ports.

I'm fine with compiling k5 directly from ports on the local desktop, but I'd
still like all the other ports to be compiled on the remote poudriere server
as it has way more resources than the desktop. What I need to know is:

0. how to list just these locally installed ports
1. how to exclude these local ports from pkg upgrade
2. how to scan just these local ports and with what tool, to make sure they 
are up-to date? 
3. how to upgrade just these local ports?

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