Help wanted: Install of p5-JSON-Parse removes Perl ???

MJ mafsys1234 at
Fri Nov 1 21:59:00 UTC 2019

On 2/11/2019 5:55 am, Ireneusz Pluta wrote:
> W dniu 2019-11-01 o 17:52, John Levine pisze:
>> In article <0d1e31bd-bd45-090f-9fc7-2f3efa3013f7 at> you write:
>>> W dniu 2019-11-01 o 04:07, Ronald F. Guilmette pisze:
>>>> I have work
>>>> to do and now my Perl interpreter has disappeared.  Was it somehow my
>>>> fault?  Was I bad?  I have tried to lead a good life, up until now anyway.
>>>> I have been kind to animals and small children.  So what have I done wrong
>>>> that has caused my Perl interpreter to be disappeared on me for no
>>>> apparently good reason?
>>> If you really depend on Perl, don't use the "system" one, that is likely to be messed up with the
>>> pkg dependency hell.
>>> Use your own perl. Consider for managing it.
>> I would not recommend that.  In my experience, so long as you do a pkg
>> upgrade every few weeks your perl packages will be fine.  A lot of
>> stuff in the ports tree depends on perl and they have a strong
>> incentive to be sure that it works.
>> If you've installed perl modules through CPAN rather than through
>> ports, it's up to you to remember and reinstall when the version of
>> perl changes but there's not much you can do about that.  I have about
>> 200 modules installed as packages and one or two from CPAN.
> pkg perl is for packages which depend on pkg perl. When I maintain my own production environment built on Perl, my goal is to keep it stable and running, not finding some morning I am out of businees, just because some genius pkg maintainer finds that a new shiny perl 5.32.0 is out and (s)he blindly rasies her/his pkg perl requirement to that version, not even thinking if such a high requirement is really nescessary.

And the port/package maintainer is not responsible for your "business". The onus is on YOU not to upgrade if this will break your system, NOT the port maintainer.

Sometimes, just perhaps, upstream declares this a necessity. Ever thought of that?


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