dhclient question

Kurt Buff - GSEC, GCIH kurt.buff at gmail.com
Tue May 14 01:45:30 UTC 2019

I've got a FreeBSD 12-RELEASE-p1 VM running in VMware Workstation Pro.

I traveled from network to another, and wanted to refresh my IP address
after suspending and resuming the VM.

To do this, I performed the following after resuming the VM:
     rm /var/db/dhclient.leases/em0
     service dhclient restart em0

This seemed to work. However, ifconfig reveals something unexpected
[image: image.png]

After I saw that, I did:
     ifconfig em0 down
     ifconfig em0 up

and there was no change in the results.

It seems a bit weird.

Anyone know why this doesn't work as expected?

Is there a better way of releasing/renewing the lease?


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