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Sun May 12 13:48:22 UTC 2019

On 5/12/2019 06:58, Carmel NY wrote:
> On Sat, 11 May 2019 12:12:48 -0700, Ronald F. Guilmette stated:
>> I hope this question isn't too far off-topic.
>> I'd just like to ask if anyone would like to recommend to me any of the
>> various specific blogging packages that are available as either ports
>> or packages for FreeBSD.   I've never used any of them myself, but
>> I have a very deep desire to begin doing so.  I just don't have any
>> idea what the specific pros and cons of any of them are, and thus
>> would apperciate some advice and opinions.
>> I don't have a lot in the way of specific requirements.  I'm assuming
>> that pretty much all of them will have an HTTP interface which supports
>> a WYSIWYG kind of editing, including the ability to select text fonts,
>> styles (e.g. bold, italics), colors, and embedded links to both local
>> and remote additional content, such as image files, video files, etc.
>> I will definitely need all of that.
>> Also, having tried, briefly, to use Google's free blogging platform in
>> the past, I already know that I'd like to have more and easier control
>> over page layout, in particular the size and placement of images along
>> with the text.
>> The only other feature I really need is the ability to allow some
>> select set of people, e.g. proofreaders, to preview individual blog
>> posts prior to them going "live", but my guess is that my knowledge of
>> ordinary UNIX and Apache adnministration should allow me to accomplish
>> this with any of the available blogging packages, and to do so in a
>> manner that is entirely independent of the packages themselves.
>> Still, it would be helpful if I could find a blogging software package
>> that already has support for password-controlled previews of
>> individual not-yet-live blog posts pre-integrated, right out of the
>> box.
>> Thanks, and I look forward to any & all replies.
>> Regards,
>> rfg
>> P.S.  Actually, I would be more than happy to use one of the
>> pre-existing online blogging platforms, sucgh as the Google one, but
>> again, I need something that wll allow me to give just some specific
>> people a "preview" view of individual blog posts before they go live,
>> and I never managed to figure out how to do that with the Google
>> blogging stuff.
>> Also, of course, I worry about things like security and the ability to
>> easily make backups.  For years I've heard security horror stories
>> involving Wordpress, so that one is probably going to be last on my
>> list for consideration, behind all of the others.
> I use Joomla myself. You can configure it to only allow certain users
> access, etcetera. Install it from ports to insure all the dependencies
> are installed correctly. Configure it, apache and MySQL as required.
> Make sure it works correctly, then uninstall it. Now, download it from
> the Joomla site and install it again. Your settings will still be there
> in Apache and MySQL. It is MUCH easier to keep the program up to date
> and install extensions directly than by trying to use the ports system.

I ran Serendipity for quite a while, and liked it ok.  These days (for a
very long time now) I run my own code, which is not open source or in
the ports tree.  Maybe some day I'll contribute it..... it's not "just"
a blog; it was more of a discussion forum (think phpbb or similar) but
has the ability to also support blogs with comments, e-newsletters with
watermarking security and a bunch of other stuff, all template driven so
it'll do pretty much whatever you want in terms of how the display is

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