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Tue Mar 26 23:26:48 UTC 2019

On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 2:33 PM José Manuel RoMa <josema101 at msn.com> wrote:
> Hi there.
> Why is there no more support for multimedia in BSD, to match in that sense to GNU-Linux, in the multimedia part?
> For editing video, audio, images, etc., as well as improving software and hardware compatibility.
> It is necessary that BSD have pages like these (for video too):
> http://linux-sound.org/<http://linux-sound.org/http://linux-audio.com/>
> http://linux-audio.com/<http://linux-sound.org/http://linux-audio.com/>
> Or maybe, develop a multimedia BSD version like Gentoo has: https://gentoostudio.org or UbuntoStudio.
> Maybe work together with other current BDS-like (and BSD community) to work and improve those aspects.
> I hope something can be done, I hope you consider it.
> I think the BSD user community would grow exponentially in the world.
> Thank you.
> Jose.

I've been using FreeBSD for professional video, audio and image /
photo editing for years. Also use Linux, and I have an MS Windows
machine here. I'm not sure what deficiency you speak about? There are
some commercial programs that are developed for Windows/Mac that do
not run on FreeBSD. If you can get them to run on Linux with Wine then
you can do it on FreeBSD too. FreeBSD has Linux compatibility if need
be, there are some programs like (i think?) the web cam software which
need Linux libraries.

I've been using NVIDIA graphics cards for years, and no issues, 3d
acceleration and opengl works great. I'm pretty sure Intel cards work
and probably AMD cards are working.. there was a time years ago when
AMD cards weren't so hot, i wouldn't mess with them, but at that time
it was also true for AMD on Linux really. NVIDIA produces drivers for

Audio works well, FreeBSD is especially good for recording. You can
record at 192KHz/24bit if you have the right hardware. (the right
hardware isn't very expensive, there just aren't many devices that
support good recording). OSS is great. SNDIO works great. You can use
pulseaudio and alsa too if you want, but why bother.

Maybe you're missing games, i dunno. I don't really play games much
more than once a year. However, Sony reportedly chose FreeBSD for
their PlayStation OS. They didn't use Linux. (It doesn't mean that you
can play playstation games on FreeBSD.)

I looked at those page links you sent. I do not understand what
purpose they serve. FreeBSD is well-known for having great
documentation. But it can always be better.

Waitman Gobble

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