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Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Tue Mar 26 22:31:33 UTC 2019

On Tue, 26 Mar 2019 21:30:22 +0000, José Manuel RoMa wrote:
> Why is there no more support for multimedia in BSD, to match
> in that sense to GNU-Linux, in the multimedia part?
> For editing video, audio, images, etc., as well as improving
> software and hardware compatibility.

So I'm obviously doing something wrong for decades now: I use
FreeBSD for editing video, audio, images, multimedia creation
and convertion, etc. ;-)

FreeBSD offers a lot of tools in the "audio", "graphics", and
"multimedia" category of the ports collection which a user can
easily install with a simple "pkg install" call. Of course,
being aware (!) of what programs can do and what their names
are is very important to be able to choose the right tool.

> It is necessary that BSD have pages like these (for video too):
> http://linux-sound.org/<http://linux-sound.org/http://linux-audio.com/>
> http://linux-audio.com/<http://linux-sound.org/http://linux-audio.com/>
> Or maybe, develop a multimedia BSD version like Gentoo has:
> https://gentoostudio.org or UbuntoStudio.

I agree with the documentation part, this would be useful for
novice users who want to explore the possibilities. A multimedia-
centric "fork" would probably lead to fragmentation and
incompatibilities as it can be observed in the Linux world (even
though it is intended there, I think). However, "meta-packages"
from "meta-ports" could contain predefined sets of programs that
can be installed easily, consisting of a desktop, a preconfiguration,
and specific programs. For example one of those "meta-packages"
could install a complete video-editing workstation (software-wise),
with editors, mixers, converters, and so on.

Regarding the OS: I think TrueOS (ex PC-BSD) would be a great
base to build such a solution on.

> I hope something can be done, I hope you consider it.

Always keep in mind that FreeBSD as the operating system does not
hold responsibility for what 3rd party programs are made available.
This is a (more or less) entirely different field. Most multimedia
applications are ports of Linux programs anyway, so what you can
use on Linux, _and_ port to FreeBSD, can mostly be used on FreeBSD
afterwards. A problem of course is that Linux and the BSDs are
different things regarding OS implementation and structure, so the
more a program relies on "Linuxisms" (i. e., things that are unique
and specific to Linux and do not exist on BSD), the harder it is to
port it to FreeBSD. This does include kernel functionalities as well
as libraries and their functions.

> I think the BSD user community would grow exponentially in the world.

I'm not sure we'll ever be able to measure that... ;-)

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