poudriere(-devel) ports updating question

tech-lists tech-lists at zyxst.net
Tue Mar 5 14:09:53 UTC 2019


There are several categories of ports I'd like to avoid for some
architectures. For example, I don't want x11 for mips.mips64. 
Or astronomy. But let's say, for this architecture, I want to 
build everything else.

I can't see a way of excluding categories with poudriere ports when
updating the ports tree - the only workaround I can see is to download 
another tree, call it something and then manually edit that tree, and 
then set the build off with -p port-treename. Every time I want to
make a bulk run.

Basically I'm looking for exclude mask functionality when updating a
ports tree with poudriere ports.

Do I need to do this manually or have I missed something?


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