I've got a major question...

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Fri Jun 28 08:14:25 UTC 2019

Hollywood, Panavision does not sell cameras, they rent the cameras.
A rent model could be ok for gear with mechanical parts that require
maintenance work. A rent model could be ok, if you need every 10 years
a hammer, for just one day. A rent model could be ok, if I need a book
for a week. A rent model could be ok, for online software, that needs
security updates.

If I need a book for ever, because I like to add hand written notes. I
will pay for the book and I expect that I always have got access to the

I don't want a cloud service, I just want to draw pictures and produce
music and I want to store the data at home. I expect that the apps and
the operating system don't have serious bugs and if there should be
bugs, I expect to get repair work for free as in beer. I'm willing to
buy the software, I'm willing to buy new features, I don't need security
updates for software, that is not security related.

I expect that access to everything humans need is as much socially
acceptable as possible. "Needed" is more than just what humans need to
stay alive. It's unfortunately impossible to give away everything for

However, if somebody works to get a piano, maybe a virtual software
piano, nobody should come and take the piano away, when the owner
becomes a retired person, unable to continue paying the rent for the
piano. It should be possible to buy the piano or virtual piano, so that
it is possible to continue using it in less good times.

We know what speculator whim has done to rental prices for shelter. In
Germany a lot of persons on average wage are already unable to pay for
their apartment.

Nowadays it is nearly impossible to get layout markers, screen tone and
all that material anymore, the world changed, it is replaced by
software. If you provide software and rent software layout markers,
software screen tone etc. you might think it's the same as it was for
paying for real markers etc., but no it isn't, we still need to pay for
the hardware, you still need to replace tips of tablet pencils etc., you
even need to replace hardware that is still working, because support
gets dropped.

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