I've got a major question...

Allen Schaaf netsecurity at sound-by-design.com
Mon Jun 24 18:32:15 UTC 2019

Hi, whomever you'll are,

I've got a major question. I'm the President of the Board of 
Directors of a very small credit union, it's certified to help 
the lower income people, as well as being their tech support 
person - I'm a retired Information Security Analyst - and we are 
up against a major problem. As of the first of 2020 we are 
required to upgrade to Windows 10, which I hate, because 
Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows 7. this also means 
we will have to replace a couple of our computers as well.

I would like to do what some of the people in  Scandinavian 
countries have done, move to open source programs like FreeBSD, 
Libre Office and Filezilla, or any combination that can be made 
to work well together.

Currently we are using Filezilla on Windows 7 and it does a great 

The issues are that we have to be able to connect to external 
systems, corporate credit unions, ADP payroll, Mercury Mod 
(record keeping) and our burglar alarm system as well as a couple 
of other smaller systems. I'm not sure about how to go about 
making sure that the system we will operate at our end will 
connect to their end so I'm looking for some help and advice. 
Alas, we don't have much spare money as our "profit" in a good 
year is less than $65,000 which needs to be reserved for 
potential future bad years to cover bankruptcies and other problems.

Part of my goal is to create a working system that we can help 
other small credit unions move to to help them survive the 
potential upcoming economic downturn.

Can you suggest people to connect to as well as a path forward?


Allen Schaaf

Retired CISSP, CEH, CHFI, CEI, CSCA Project Manager for 
Information Security - Business Process - Business Continuity - 
Supply Chain Optimization - Training & Instructional Designer - 
Sr. Writer & Documentation Developer - Certified Network Security 
Analyst & Intrusion Forensics Investigator - Certified EC-Council 

Oh, Lord and Master Time who governs our every step, show us the 
path and grant us the time for joy; joy sublime, joy without 
reason, joy that we share, joy without end....

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