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Tue Jul 30 23:52:57 UTC 2019

On Wed, 31 Jul 2019 00:15:34 +0200, hw wrote:
> Hi,
> is there a way to get the GUI of thunderbird in German?

Yes. But it depends on the version you're using (and the same
problem applies to Firefox). The hints I'm providing are therefore
derived from ongoing trouble (language-wise) with Firefox, so
check which and what applies to Thunderbird. :-)

I'm not sure _which_ language variable has the desired effect,
but you can try setting those (example taken from ~/.cshrc):

	setenv  LANGUAGE        de
	setenv  LC_ALL          de_DE.UTF-8
	setenv  LANG            de_DE.UTF-8
	setenv  LC_ALL          de_DE.UTF-8
	setenv  LC_MESSAGES     de_DE.UTF-8
	setenv  LC_COLLATE      de_DE.UTF-8
	setenv  LC_CTYPE        de_DE.UTF-8
	setenv  LC_MONETARY     de_DE.UTF-8
	setenv  LC_NUMERIC      de_DE.UTF-8
	setenv  LANG            de_DE.UTF-8
	setenv  MM_CHARSET      de_DE.UTF-8

It could also be possible that one of those (taken from
~/.login_conf) could be the one(s):


Additionally, check TB's configuration if you find a "built-in
means" to select the interface language (as it seems to be now
in FF). It is probably hidden somewhere in the preferences
"pages" (no idea why "modern" software tends to make things
more complicated than it should be). Also make sure to check
it after upgrades which might cause TB to switch back to English
(same problem with FF).

As I'm writing this, I guess _that hint_ is the thing you should
be looking for _first_. :-)

> After installing and enabling a German language pack as an addon (not to
> be confused with a German dictionary (which is also installed for just
> in case)), the GUI still remains in English.

Those add-ons don't seem to work anymore. Version mismatch
combined with improper or missing signing (same trouble as
in FF). It seems they aren't needed anymore.

> Is this a general problem
> with the language pack or something specific to FreeBSD?

Not FreeBSD-specific. It's one of the typical problems of
"constant change" when dealing with Mozilla software... :-/

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