Best hardware for a replacement desktop?

Matthias Fechner idefix at
Mon Jul 29 12:30:21 UTC 2019

Am 29.07.2019 13:40, schrieb Paul Pathiakis via freebsd-questions:
> The reason for avoiding overpowered PSUs is not the difference in
> price, it's that they are optimized for different loads. 
> ## and here I was thinking I was going to have to explain this... :D
> P.

true and the best efficiency you reach if you use 50% of the PSU.
If you under or over 50% you will lose efficiency.

If you would like to have the best efficiency make sure, you buy a PSU 
that has the double power you require and make sure you buy a 80 plus 
gold or higher.
I keep it for yourself the make a calculation how much power you waste 
compared to the higher price you have to pay.

Here you can find a quick overview:


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