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Sun Jul 14 23:39:43 UTC 2019

Ruben <mail at> writes:

> On 7/14/19 7:10 AM, hw wrote:
>> "Kevin P. Neal" <kpn at> writes:
> stuff snipped
>> What do you do when you put FreeBSD on a server that has a hardware RAID
>> controller which doesn't do JBOD?  Use ZFS on the RAID?
> I've created rock-solid setups over the years where you just create 6
> raid0 arrays and have zfs use those 6 raid0 arrays for a raidz2 zpool.
> I've created a bunch of buggy zpools that way as well, kind of depends
> on the raid controller i guess.
> You can get second hand raid controllers that have been flashed with
> JBOD firmware from
> Those raidcontrollers are great for running FreeBSD and the guy posts
> lots of interesting videos on youtube and is very responsive in
> support requests as well.

What is the point of doing this?  When you have hardware RAID, just use
it rather than ZFS.

What about compatibility?  I had to return Dell controllers because they
would not run in any of the machines I put them in, and who says any of
the controllers this guy sells would have no issues in, for example, a
DL380?  Do you change out the backplane as well, or modifiy it, in case
you have somehow managed to figure out that it is giving you trouble,
and/or do you adjust the firmware of the disks in case the HP firmware
doesn't like the Dell or the LSI controller?  Do you send controllers
back and forth until you find one that seems to work, perhaps paying
international shipping?

> I'd always use JBOD for ZFS.

That's what it is for.

> If it doesn't, try to reflash or just ditch the raid-controller if it
> doesn't support it (and get a "proper" one).

This is ridiculous.

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