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Sun Jul 14 08:38:18 UTC 2019

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> What do you do when you put FreeBSD on a server that has a hardware RAID
> controller which doesn't do JBOD?  Use ZFS on the RAID?

I've created rock-solid setups over the years where you just create 6 
raid0 arrays and have zfs use those 6 raid0 arrays for a raidz2 zpool.

I've created a bunch of buggy zpools that way as well, kind of depends 
on the raid controller i guess.

You can get second hand raid controllers that have been flashed with 
JBOD firmware from

Those raidcontrollers are great for running FreeBSD and the guy posts 
lots of interesting videos on youtube and is very responsive in support 
requests as well.

I'd always use JBOD for ZFS. If it doesn't, try to reflash or just ditch 
the raid-controller if it doesn't support it (and get a "proper" one).

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