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> I am using FreeBSD 12.0 release. I want to configure it as a router. I've
> been trying it and searched in various sites but nothing works for me. It
> will be really helpful if you explain me the overall process. Waiting for
> your reply.
> Thank you

Install two networks cards, one for the WAN, another for the LAN
1. Configure WAN with IP address/subnet mask
2. Configure default route
3. Configure LAN with IP/subnet mask
4. In rc.conf add gateway_enable="YES"

That is about all you need to do.Connect the WAN port to your cable modem
and LAN port to your switch.
Test whether the FreeBSD box can reach the Internet.

Point your  LAN hosts to the LAN IP of the FreeBSD box as the GATEWAY IP
either manually or using your DHCP server.

That is all.

You may need a firewall on the FreeBSD box, but if your cable modem has
firewall capabilities, then use it.

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