How to choose an MTA? (Re: sendmail)

Roderick hruodr at
Mon Jul 1 14:30:49 UTC 2019

On Mon, 1 Jul 2019, Peter Boosten wrote:

> The thing with a single executable is that it runs as root, while with
> postfix most services run as ‘postfix’.

I see, Thanks.

MeTA1, fork of sendmail X, is perhaps an improvement. I also
did not test OpenSMTP.

Interesting is, what one reads in the man page of MeTA1:



How to choose an MTA?
It depends...

Most people do not (actively) choose an MTA, but they simply use what 
comes with their OS (which may explain why sendmail was so popular). Those 
who actively choose an MTA do it usually based on personal preferences 
instead of objective criteria. This may be as strange as
I don't like the author/community of xyz
or as simple as
I prefer this configuration file syntax/style.

Other factors (besides those listed above) may include (free/commercial) 
support and (active) development.



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