enlarging a ZFS file system

Ruben mail at osfux.nl
Fri Jan 25 15:01:18 UTC 2019


Not anything that is production ready - as far as I know-, but I did 
read something in the last status update:


(look for "OpenZFS RAID-Z Expansion project" )



On 1/25/19 3:43 PM, Christian Baer wrote:
> Hey again everyone!
> I have a system with 5 drives running a RAIDZ2. The file system is 
> getting a little cramped, so I would like to extend it.
> Ideally I'd like to add 2 or three (identical) drives to the pool, let 
> the system work a little and then have a result as if I'd created the 
> whole thing from the start with 7 or 8 drives. Just to be clear: The 
> result should be a RAIDZ2 with 7 or 8 drives (depending on how many I add).
> A couple of years back, I read up on if this were possible and the only 
> way to enlarge a RAIDZ at the time was to replace *all* the existing 
> drives piece by piece with bigger ones and let the RAID heal drive by 
> drive. During my research I did stumble on a thread where developers of 
> ZFS were discussing that what I would like to do was actually a good 
> idea and a relatively widely requested feature. I didn't participate in 
> the discussion and for some reason cannot find it anymore. I must admit 
> that I didn't save the URL at the time. :-(
> Has there been any development in this direction? Can what I'd like to 
> do be done with FreeBSD today? The drives in question are used for 
> archive purposes and don't really see much action, so I am not worried 
> that they will die it the data on them gets copied around a fair bit.
> Y'all have a nice weekend! ;-)
> Regards,
> Chris
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