Support for HP 331T

John Johnstone jjohnstone.nospamfreebsd at
Fri Jan 25 03:08:37 UTC 2019

On 1/24/2019 8:02 PM, Christian Baer wrote:

> Anyways, a friend recommended I get the said 4-port network adapter 
> because it gets the job done and isn't all that expensive (~35 EUR used 
> on ebay). The question just is: Will it work with FreeBSD?
> As far as I could find out, these cards use a Broadcom BCM5719 chip - 
> which I could not find in the FreeBSD hardware list. The bce(4) driver 
> offers support for several chips that seem to be from the same family at 
> least, like the BCM5709 and BCM5716. The specific chip however is not 
> listed.

A system here with a BCM5719 is running FreeBSD 12.0.  It's supported by 
the bge driver.  On FreeBSD 11.2 or 12.0 you can do a man bge and the 
BCM5719 is listed.

John J.

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