Support for HP 331T

Christian Baer christian.baer at
Fri Jan 25 01:02:40 UTC 2019

Hey guys!

I am putting together (as in building myself) a router for "normal" 
routing but also as a VPN gateway. One of the main reasons for this is 
that my ISP doesn't supply me with a public IPv4 address and since this 
is the only one in the town I live in that can actually deliver anything 
that may be considered broadband access, I am pretty much stuck with them.

I want to use pfsense or opnsense and I am currently checking out hardware.

Anyways, a friend recommended I get the said 4-port network adapter 
because it gets the job done and isn't all that expensive (~35 EUR used 
on ebay). The question just is: Will it work with FreeBSD?

As far as I could find out, these cards use a Broadcom BCM5719 chip - 
which I could not find in the FreeBSD hardware list. The bce(4) driver 
offers support for several chips that seem to be from the same family at 
least, like the BCM5709 and BCM5716. The specific chip however is not 

Now I don't know the other chips that are listed, so it is not unlikely, 
that they are related (as in them being the single or double port 
version of the chip I am looking at).

Basically: Has anyone got this card working under FreeBSD and can tell 
me if there are any quirks I should look out for?

Best regards,

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