Method to properly recompile a port after tweaking

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Fri Jan 18 00:35:26 UTC 2019

On 17/01/2019 19:38, Nicola Mingotti via freebsd-questions wrote:
> I have recently modified the port editors/texmacs and found a way
> to easily recompile it after each C++ code modification.
> The method I used is basically:
> #> rm work/.build_done.texmacs._usr_local
> #> make build
> When I was looking for the solution I opened a discussion
> thread on the FreeBSD Forum:
> The problem is that a user says the method to him is not working.
> Could you please tell me what is the official way to recompile a port?
> I am aware of
> #> maker clean
> #> make build
> but that way too slow, it recompiles all, even if nor necessary.

Ports aren't really set up for incremental development the way you are
doing.  For normal use they're compiled one time into a package and then

Where you need to modify the port, generally you'ld get into a cycle of
compile, modify, clean, re-compile from scratch, rinse, repeat ...  For
the vast majority of ports, the compilation step takes only a few
minutes on reasonable hardware so this isn't really a huge burden.

Bigger and more complex programs will need an iterative approach as you
are doing to develop local patches and then a final clean and complete
build.  You can often just run make from within the $WRKDIR of the port
to incrementally rebuild after code changes, or you can remove the
.build_done file and rerun the build target of the port.



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