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Thu Jan 17 10:31:03 UTC 2019


We are planning to replace some (web) applications servers (currently
running HPE) with Supermicro and the vendor offers the following 
choices for the Hardware Raid Controller/HBA 4P part:

1) Supermicro AOC-S3008L-L8E, LSI 3008 8 x SATA/SAS III JBOD controller, up
to 122 hard drives via expander backplane, PCI-E, ideal for Nexenta/ZFS
+ € 205,6

2) LSI 9300-4I, SATA/SAS III JBOD controller, tot 256 harde schijven via
expander backplanes, PCI-E, ideal for Nexenta/ZFS
+ € 214,5

3) LSI MegaRAID 9341-4i bulk, 4 x SATA/SAS 12Gbs internal entry level
hardware RAID, no cache/BBU possible, PCI-e
+ € 177,97

4) LSI MegaRAID 9361-4i 1GB cache, 4 x SATA/SAS 12Gbs internal
hardware RAID, max. 240 hdd using expander backplanes
+ € 401,7

5) LSI 9300-4i4e, SATA/SAS III JBOD controller, 4 x internal, 4 x external,
up to 256 hard drives via expander backplane, Nexenta Certified, ideal
for ZFS, PCI-E
+ € 273,95

6) LSI MegaRAID 9380-4i4e bulk, 8 x SATA/SAS 12Gbs, 4 x external and 4 x
internal hardware RAID, 1024MB cache, up to 128 hard drives via expander
backplane, support for SSD CacheCade 2.0 write and read caching,
CacheVault support (advised), ideal for high en
+ € 676

As the plan is to use ZFS, I was planning to choose the 
"Supermicro AOC-S3008L-L8E, LSI 3008" (it looks like it is supported by
mpr) and I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on it ? Would
another option be a better choice ?

Thank you!

Julien Cigar
Belgian Biodiversity Platform (
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