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On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 9:18 PM, Gunther Nikl <gnikl at> wrote:
> Greg V <greg at 
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>>  > Slightly OT, but can you describe what is required to get Wayland
>>  > running? What additional software is required? Can I (still) use
>>  > xterm,
>>  > Opera 12, etc?
>>  Yes, you can run any X apps, Xwayland makes that work.
> Are you using Xwayland yourself?

Of course. It's always been supported out of the box in most 
compositors, you just run an X app and it works.

Though I don't rely on that very much, as most applications work 
natively on Wayland!

(Even Firefox, if you build nightly from source)

>>  So, if you want Wayland,
>>  - most importantly, you need a kernel built with the EVDEV_SUPPORT
>>  option, otherwise you won't get any input devices
> AFAIK, this requires at least 11.2?

I don't follow releases, but it's been there for a long time.

>>    - (btw you can use evdev+libinput in Xorg too)
> Do I need something special for Xorg when building/configuring?

Probably not, just install xf86-input-libinput.

>>    - EVDEV_SUPPORT has been enabled by default in CURRENT and
>>  12-STABLE, so 12.1 will be the first release to get evdev out of the
>>  box I think
> I am on 11.2-RELEASE. Then I have to build a custom kernel.
>>  - set sysctl kern.evdev.rcpt_mask=12 to get events from individual
>>  keyboards/mice instead of the multiplexer — important for 
>> touchpads
> Ok.
>>  - also it's very nice to have a kernel with
>>  <> (just landed in CURRENT, 
>> will be
>>  merged into 12-STABLE after a week) — otherwise unresponsive
>>  applications can make the whole desktop unresponsive (kinda like in
>>  the good old Mac OS 9.x days :D) — but it was surprisingly rare, I
>>  lived with that bug for over a year
> I noticed that differential. I suppose the patch can be applied on
> 11.2+?

Yes. Well, maybe the infiniband part won't, but it doesn't matter, you 
can just ignore that.

Why are you staying on 11 on a desktop? ;)

>>  - for now, you need access permissions on /dev/input* devices — 
>> I've
>>  been working on fixing that, there are patches (on differential for
>>  the kernel, on github for libudev-devd) but you can just chmod g+rw
>>  /dev/input/* and ignore security lol
>>  - you need mesa, the UI toolkits, etc. built with wayland support 
>>>>  thankfully, it's on by default in ports now, so it should all be in
>>  the official packages already :)
> Up-to here it should be doable.
>>  - well, you need a compositor:
>>    - there's Sway <> which has FreeBSD
>>  support and it's already in a sort of user friendly state (for
>>  advanced users :D)
>>    - there's my development fork of Weston
>>  <> + it needs to be launched with
>>  <> — this is in development, 
>> not
>>  really documented
>>    - KDE Plasma5 kwin_wayland — won't run directly on the desktop
>>  right now I think, only in a window. I'll need to investigate
>>  ConsoleKit2…
> This looks bit more involved. Thank you for these instructions! I 
> think
> this will help me get started.

As Jan mentioned, Sway is now in ports.

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