Synaptics on Panasonic Touchbook CF-C2

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at
Sat Jan 5 23:52:44 UTC 2019

On Sun, Jan 6, 2019 at 12:40 AM Polytropon wrote:
> Correct. It is only needed for getting the mouse work in the
> console. With vt having replaced sc as the console driver,
> the console functionality has seen several facettes of decay,
> which is sad, but seems to be required to keep X happy.

The reason I still want moused is that I often work in a simple shell
with no X and there mouse comes really handy to copy-paste some
stuff.. I usually startX by hand when I need it :-)

> Still there is one thing I seem to remember from the thread:
> At some point, you said that you've obtained debugging data
> from the psm driver directly (not via "moused -d"), and with
> the hw.psm.synaptics_support="1" setting in /boot/loader.conf,
> you did not get any reaction from that channel. This is strange.
> Even though X input does not need moused support, is surely
> needs psm support (via the "sysmouse" hook). I'm not sure
> this looks entirely correct - but I don't have (and don't like
> to use) touchpads, so I cannot provide any further ideas.
> It's just my gut feeling, resulting in memories of low-level
> programming done decades ago, that you should at least get
> _some_ kind of reaction from the psm driver whenever an event
> happens on the touchpad.

Yes exactly this is why I am asking here, because I think there is
something wrong with PSM or my TouchPad!

On different devices / computers / trackpads everything works fine
with a simple psm+moused configuration - I have two finger scroll
reported by a device, passed as additional data by psm to moused
thanks to hw.psm.synaptics_enable="1".. even with USB attached

> Make sure you have xf86-input-synaptics and libsynaptics installed.
> X should then detect the corresponding device automatically and
> load the appropriate drivers and subsystems.

This also does not work - cursor does not move.. and the driver cannot
detect synaptics device correctly..

> > The worst thing is that one time it was working correctly.. no clue why ;-)
> Maybe it was on an older FreeBSD version? Decay... ;-)

Eventually we will figure that out and make a fix :-)


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