Installing FreeBSD on HP Computer that is using software RAID 5

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Fri Jan 4 10:35:09 UTC 2019

On 03/01/2019 19:48, Carmel NY wrote:
> Matthew, I think you might have some say in how FreeBSD operates. When
> a user downloads a new version of FreeBSD, lets say version 12.0, they
> should get that version. Now, if there is a newer version, lets say
> version 12.1 of 12.2, or whatever, the user should be presented with
> the option of downloading the latest version. Microsoft does something
> similar, and I see no reason not to follow that trend. The user should
> be given the option. If there is a newer version available, why should
> the end user be handicapped?

I have less say than you seem to think.  Managing the release strategy 
and support lifetimes of releases is a current topic engaging a deal of 
core's attention, with a lot of input from the release engineering and 
security teams (none of which I'm involved with) -- and this is a 
contentious topic as there are several large blocks of the user base 
each of which want apparently contradictory things.  Satisfying as many 
users as possible, without putting the project under an insurmountable 
support load is going to take some time and effort and a lot of 
discussion to sort out.

Now, we don't have, say, something that pops up in the installer that 
says "I see you're installing version 12.0, but 12.3 is now available" 
-- it might be something that could be added, but for my part I'd find 
it pretty irritating having a computer always trying to second guess 
what I'm trying to do and making me do pointless work dismissing such 

Also, we do tend to assume the user has basically been keeping up with 
FreeBSD release news and has been looking at the website and 
FTP archive, where is it pretty obvious what the currently supported 
versions are.

Also you will be prompted by freebsd-update(8) or pkg(8) during normal 
maintenance activities when your currently installed system is going out 
of support.



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