any tutorials for x86-64 assembly under freebsd?

Russell L. Carter rcarter at
Thu Jan 3 18:11:25 UTC 2019

On 12/26/18 5:46 AM, iam at wrote:
> i am running freebsd-12 under x86-64.
> i have been pointed to 'as' and 'ld' for tools.
> i have also been pointed to the 'url' for intel
> documentation about x86-64 assembly.
> i also have a sample "hello world" program in
> x86-64 assembly language.
> may i know of any tutorials which can teach me
> to work with assembly using x86-64?
> i saw one book on, but that uses the
> assembler from microsoft ('masm') which i think
> only runs under windows-10+.
> any pointers and/or help would be appreciated.
> thank you.

Basically for x86_64 you can use docs aimed at linux, modulo some
minor issues such as renumbering some syscalls.

Here are some I've found helpful:

This one is free and guaranteed fantastic:

Not bad:

Both NASM and YASM have very good docs on the actual
syntax.  You can find some ok guides about translating
between intel and att syntax.

This one costs a little bit:

So does this one but it's pretty good:

I generally like supporting authors writing about less common but
fundamental programming areas, especially if I can sidestep Amazon.


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