Greg V greg at
Wed Jan 2 11:14:27 UTC 2019

On Wed, Jan 2, 2019 at 3:35 AM, Tomasz CEDRO <tomek at> wrote:
> Hello world in 2019 :-)
> I have recently upgraded 11.2 to 12.0. I made AMDGPU work as my
> desktop Xorg driver. However I still did not make it work with
> OpenCL.. I have some error messages about kernel code missing.. and I
> get the Segmentation Faults at some point in clinfo.. do I miss
> anything?
> Did anyone make OpenCL+AMDGPU+RX580 work?

Yes, you need two things:

- you might have to run OpenCL applications with 
LD_PRELOAD=/lib/ (when they're single thread applications 
like clinfo)
- you have to rebuild the kernel driver with this patch

keep in mind that Clover is not very good. It can't yet handle Blender, 
doesn't have image support for Darktable, etc.

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