Synaptics on Panasonic Touchbook CF-C2

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at
Wed Jan 2 00:30:22 UTC 2019

Hello world in 2019 :-)

I cannot make my Touchpad two finger scrolling on CF-C2 Panasonic
Toughbook. It works on Windows very nice. I have made it work only
once in Xorg but never again..

I have tried on 11.2 and 12.0. Both with PSM+MOUSED and
PSM0+SYNAPTICS. No success.

As I understand, the old way was to use xf86-input-synaptics. The new
way is to use PSM with synaptics support enabled and then use moused +

I would like to stick to the new way of using PSM kernel driver, then
moused and sysmouse as mouse input for Xorg.

The problem is that both PSM nor SYNAPTICS does not seem to recognise
the device. I get ID 0 for PSM. Tried various flags. No success..

Any hints welcome :-)


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