any way asm people could contribute?

Lorenzo Salvadore phascolarctos at
Sun Feb 10 20:08:34 UTC 2019

On Sunday 10 February 2019 16:56, <iam at> wrote:

> is there any scope for assembly language people
> to contribute code to the freebsd project?

Look at the kernel source code: files with the extension .S
are in assembly. You could work on those files and try to
improve them. You could also search into bugzilla
( ) if you find some bug to fix.

Assembly is most often used for drivers: you could search
for missing drivers and try to implement them. Maybe this pages
about laptops could help you find some missing or buggy drivers: .

If anyone can give more precise information about how to
contribute in assembly language, I would find it interesting too.

Lorenzo Salvadore.

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