Kernel panic and ZFS corruption on 11.3-RELEASE

Victor Sudakov vas at
Thu Aug 29 07:17:27 UTC 2019

David Christensen wrote:
> >> 2.  Move the disk to an 11.2 system and work on it. Or alternatively,
> >> remove the 11.3 system disk and install an 11.2 system disk.
> > 
> > Fortunately, I have an 11.2 guest in bhyve. I exported the pool from the
> > host system, 
> I would not have guessed that an export would work when open did not, 
> but I am not complaining and I am sure you are not complaining either.

I just wish I had changed one parameter at a time, as a good researcher should.
I should have tried export/import on the 11.3 system first.

> > made the physical device with the problematic pool
> > available to the guest, and voila:
> Did the scrub find anything?

Not yet, but "0 repaired, 5,74% done, no estimated completion time"

> > My pool is up and running. Thank you!
> YW.  :-)
> > I'm only wondering now, if I did an export/import on a 11.3 system,
> > would it have made any difference?
> Without a raw image backup to play with, we will never know.

That's true. But I really did not care to find room for almost 900Gb of
anime, music and cartoons.

The only valuable thing on that disk was the ZVS volume of the virtual
Fidonet node, but I had restored it from backup on another datastore.

Victor Sudakov,  VAS4-RIPE, VAS47-RIPN
2:5005/49 at fidonet
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