Kernel panic and ZFS corruption on 11.3-RELEASE

David Christensen dpchrist at
Thu Aug 29 07:05:31 UTC 2019

On 8/28/19 10:59 PM, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> David Christensen wrote:


>> 2.  Move the disk to an 11.2 system and work on it. Or alternatively,
>> remove the 11.3 system disk and install an 11.2 system disk.
> Fortunately, I have an 11.2 guest in bhyve. I exported the pool from the
> host system, 

I would not have guessed that an export would work when open did not, 
but I am not complaining and I am sure you are not complaining either.

> made the physical device with the problematic pool
> available to the guest, and voila:

Did the scrub find anything?

> My pool is up and running. Thank you!

YW.  :-)

> I'm only wondering now, if I did an export/import on a 11.3 system,
> would it have made any difference?

Without a raw image backup to play with, we will never know.


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