Firefox or what?

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Wed Aug 21 03:10:06 UTC 2019

On Tue, 20 Aug 2019 17:49:02 -0400 (EDT), doug wrote:
> I suspect you would get almost as many different historys as you have software 
> groups. By that I mean I use the base FreeBSD and xfce. As far as I can tell my 
> group is fairly small. My experience with Firefox was no issues until Xorg 
> unbundled. Then I hit a patch where the order of packages installed was 
> important. What mostly worked was (1) xorg; (2) firefox; (3) xfce. At times I 
> could not install thunderbird. All this caused by interlocking prerequisites.

That sounds wrong. Just wrong. But I know it is possible and can happen.

> With FreeBSD 11 I think I have thunderbird installed on my laptop. Throughout my 
> journey through FreeBSD Firefox itself has mostly worked. Flash of course never 
> worked, ditto for some videos, that never mattered to me.

I have "Flash" working with Opera (using the Linux plugin), but not
with current Firefox. WebM and MP4 video worked out of the box. So
never expect "something old" to work with new Firefox, such as FTP,
as Chrome has announced the removal of ftp:// address support, and
I assume Firefox will follow, because "Please, we do everything you
do, let us be the new number two!" - "Who is number one?" ;-)

> Chrome works fine 
> except I don't like how it does cookies.

Personally, I never got friends with Crome or Chromium, they just
are too... google-ish...

> My current issue is neither Firefox or 
> chrome will work on one of the credit card sites I use. The issue here is 
> something with cookie handling.

Try Opera. Maybe that works. But... even Opera now internally uses
one of "the big ones" rendering engines instead its own one, so
maybe it works, maybe not... and without proper configuration, it's
almost as unusable as Firefox or Chrome (but hey, probably that is
the look & feel people _expect_ from "modern" web browsers, or have
been trained to just accept it).

> All that said I like firefox. It would be nice if it could be less bloatish. I 
> would ever compile it to achieve that end.

You're hoping for something that will never happen. Firefox and bloat
have been paired long time ago, and they will never part ways, I fear.

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