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> Then why doesn't the documentation warn about this?  I was trying to
> find out what the recommended stable version is, and that seems to be
> 12 release.  Why call it release when it's still beta?

	It is a release, the first release in a major version that has
been through all the normal release engineering process with particular
care applied to new features and major rewrites as you would expect from
any well run release engineering team.

	Many people prefer to avoid the first release in a major version of
*anything* because new features and major rewrites often have unexpected
side effects and bugs that don't come to light until after release.

	FreeBSD historically (I've been using it since 1.1.5) has been
pretty good at .0 release (kudos to the release engineering teams - and
let us draw a kindly veil over 5.0[1]) but nobody is perfect and expecting
the worst of .0 releases is sensible caution.

[1] There were good reasons this was a painful disaster.

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