Firefox or what?

MJ mafsys1234 at
Wed Aug 14 12:06:22 UTC 2019

Thanks Andrea for pointing this out.

On 14/08/2019 9:21 pm, Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> On 8/13/19 11:34 PM, hw wrote:
>> So how did you get it to work?
> By following the instructions in the handbook and reading the manual pages.
> I've had this working for years with NFSv3 and it's working now after I 
> switched to NFSv4.
> Perhaps if *you* post your configuration, we can look at it and see if 
> something is wrong.

I have to agree. While this list is for questions and there are many 
here that are eager to help where they can, it's almost impossible to 
answer questions like "It doesn't work; therefore FreeBSD is a failure".

To hw at may I suggest:

A) we don't know what doesn't work, what you have tried and what 
configuration you have. Examples of configuration files, log messages, 
error codes and the like will help. Most people here are not clairvoyant.

B) Searching through bug lists to find a potential bug that might occur 
in the sub-system you are utilising in FreeBSD seems a nonsensical 
approach. Your time would be better spent giving us the information 
needed to assist you.

C) State what actions you have taken, what you have read, what confuses 
you. People can help if they know what your problem is.

D) Be specific. There's never too much information that you can provide 
relevant to an issue.

In the end, you're free to ask vague questions; the list is free to give 
you vague replies.


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