Firefox or what?

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Tue Aug 13 15:00:35 UTC 2019

On 2019-08-13 09:44, Eric wrote:
> Mine will freeze and crash regularly as well. It was much worse at one time but I went to the configuration folder and moved it to a different name letting firefox set itself up again like it was first use. I forget where the folder was whether it was in .config or not. It helped a lot but didnt completely solve the problem. I'm using 11.2/amd64 so I'm hoping things are better in 12 when I take the leap.
Here is my observation based on using Firefox on FreeBSD workstation 
with 8 GB of RAM. Firefox is buggy, and bloated, sometimes has tiny 
memory leaks (very slow though). However, it doesn't "crash" as often as 
some people seem to say. I pretty much all the time have 20 instances 
(separate windows) with on average 5 tabs each. And I have those without 
Firefox crashing for several Months.

These my observations are relevant to Firefox during last about 3 years. 
I would prefer nicer, cleaner and [much] slimmer web browser similar to 
what Firefox was some 9-12 years ago. That is, before the guy I knew as 
student here came to Mozilla foundation as production director, and they 
started rushing "releases" one after another adding "features", and not 
caring to debug code well before releasing it.

I still couldn't find worthy replacement for Firefox. And I looked, 
trust me on that.

Just my $0.02

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