Is NFS still broken in FreeBSD?

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Fri Aug 9 14:41:15 UTC 2019

I have never heard about any problem with NFS in BSD systems, I use it
since... forever...
as an example, I have in my nfs server in the /etc/exports:
/home                   -alldirs -maproot=0 -network 192.168
/mnt                    -alldirs -maproot=0 -network 192.168
/export                 -alldirs -maproot=0 -network 192.168
/diskless               -alldirs -maproot=0 -network 192.168
/var/tftpboot           -alldirs -maproot=0 -network 192.168
/usr/src                -alldirs -maproot=0 -network 192.168

It works, both in FreeBSD nvsv4 systems, NetBSD in nfsv3, windows,
linux... using lockd & statd..  the nfsv3 have the limit of 4gb files,
but the nfsv4 is unlimited.. and everything works... the only issue I
have is with nfsv4 when the server "crashes" or is rebooted..  seems
that nfsv4 is not stateless... but a no-break in the nfs server solved
all the "crashes" I had.. 

Hope it can help.

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