Is NFS still broken in FreeBSD?

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Fri Aug 9 14:26:07 UTC 2019

Julien Cigar <julien at> writes:

> On Fri, Aug 09, 2019 at 01:46:27AM +0200, hw wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hello,
>> according to [1], NFS in FreeBSD is broken, and I'm wondering if it
>> still is.
> define "broken"?

see my other post about that

> NFS is used in production here for years and works like
> a charm. The only annoying issue was PR 205193 (as we use jails
> extensively), but it has now been fixed.
>> I need to export some directories rw and some ro with an /etc/exports
>> like this:
>> /b/tftpboot/FreeBSD/install -ro -maproot=root
>> /p/default
> this is not a valid /etc/exports file, check man 5 exports

That man page is just bad.  Please explain what is not valid about it.
For all I can tell, it's perfectly valid for NFS v3.  You can also find
this in the FreeBSD handbook in section 31.8.1..

>> The "default" directory needs to be exported read-write.  That seems to
>> be impossible with FreeBSD --- if that is really so, NFS is totally
>> broken in FreeBSD.  To make it more strange, it worked as intended until
>> I restarted the server.  NFS v4 doesn't seem to work at all.
> use something like:
> V4: /someroot -sec=sys
> /someroot/default -rw -network somehost -mask somenetmask

-rw is nowhere mentioned in the man page.  It says:

  The -ro option specifies that the file system should be exported read-
  only (default read/write).

At first I was assuming that I should use -rw, but since that doesn't
exist and there were error messages in /var/log/messages, I removed it.

Omitting -rw, the error messages persisted, and even adding -ro to the
second entry, they persist.

>> This has cost me a whole day now :(
> also, for a NFS V4 only server/client you could set:
> vfs.nfsd.server_min_nfsvers=4
> vfs.nfsd.server_max_nfsvers=4

Both Centos 7 and Fedora support 4.2, so limiting to 4 doesn't make much
sense when they may get involved.  I have also verified that it is not
possible to mount a v4 export from FreeBSD as v4 on Centos 7:  It
doesn't mount when you explicitly specify the version, or it mounts as
v3 when you don't.

>> [1]:

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