for how long can I expect the update servers to be slow?

hw hw at
Fri Aug 2 20:27:10 UTC 2019

Kamila Součková <kamila at> writes:

> Hi,
>> are the update servers still overwhelmed, or is there something else
>> wrong?
>> root at cdebsd:~ # pkg install xrdp emacs-nox cde
>> [...]
>> Number of packages to be installed: 116
>> The process will require 2 GiB more space.
>> 335 MiB to be downloaded.
>> Proceed with this action? [y/N]: y
>> [1/116] Fetching xrdp-0.9.10_2,1.txz: 100%  404 KiB  46.0kB/s    00:09
>> [2/116] Fetching emacs-nox-26.2,3.txz:  15%    6 MiB   8.2kB/s    15:03
>> [0] 0:pkg*                                 "" 23:46
> 29-Jul-19
>> About 20 minutes after starting this, the emacs-nox package has 90%
>> arrived ...
> Random guess: any chance you are going over IPv6 here? In my location, I
> always get reasonable speeds over IPv4, but often (though not always) get
> very low speeds over IPv6. I have not had much time to investigate this
> issue, but it seems that it doesn't depend on the ISP in my case, as
> tunnelling over different IPv6 providers produces the same results.

I'm forced to use the bad router from the ISP because there is no
alternative due to the technology they're using, and despite I'm getting
ip6 addresses, that stupid router doesn't support anything, and thus it
can't do prefix delegation.  So I can't use ipv6.

The bridge the FreeBSD VM is connected to has, IIRC, only a link-local
ipv6 address (starts with fe80) that was assinged automatically.  If
that would cause problems, I'd expect other downloads to be affected as
well, and they aren't.

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