thunderbird in German?

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Fri Aug 2 20:27:09 UTC 2019

Polytropon <freebsd at> writes:

> On Fri, 02 Aug 2019 00:57:12 +0200, hw wrote:
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> [...]
>> Changing Firefox wasn't a problem, other than that I wish I could do
>> that site-wide for all users rather than having to do it for each user.
>> Why don't these programs just honor the language settings of the
>> environment?
> Yes, that is really a problem, because so many other programs do
> it the right way; even temporary invocation in a different language
> is not a problem for "old" programs. For example, if you set a
> system-wide variable that applies to all users, that language
> variable should be honored. I see multi-language support as a
> great feature especially in FreeBSD, where I can use programs
> in the language I prefer, and that might be vary among the
> programs running in one session (for example, Sylpheed uses the
> english language, while LibreOffice uses the german one).

Libreoffice seems to be bad as well because you have to go into the
settings and change it before you get the language you have already set.

I usually don't notice whether it's English or German, but the users
will freak out as if it would make a difference (which it doesn't
because they don't know what they're doing anyway).

This kinda reminds me of Gnome with which it is impossible to even add a
program starter.  It's already entirely useless because it doesn't even
have a usable window manager, but who would expect that you can't do
something basic like adding a start button or a menu entry.  I had to
switch a machine ever to KDE because of that.

There's just nothing better than fvwm ...

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