thunderbird in German?

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Fri Aug 2 20:27:09 UTC 2019

Polytropon <freebsd at> writes:

> On Fri, 02 Aug 2019 01:22:42 +0200, hw wrote:
>> Polytropon <freebsd at> writes:

> [...]
> If I remember correctly, $LANG has precedence over $LC_* if set.
> However, I'm not sure every program conforms to this rule... and
> I'm questioning Mozilla software following established rules and
> consensus. ;-)

Right, the programmers seem to be stupd kids who can't do anything but
play with dumbphones.

>> > Additionally, check TB's configuration if you find a "built-in
>> > means" to select the interface language (as it seems to be now
>> > in FF).
>> I already did and didn't find anything.
> Hmmm... This is where I would have assumed the setting to be.
> The ability to change the language should be built-in. If I
> remember correctly, Thunderbird also has the ability to incorporate
> external extensions, add-ins, add-ons, or however they call them.
> Could it be possible that you need to install something from
> that source before you can use a non-EN language?

That's what I did.  The whatever-it's-called does nothing other than
showing up in a list of whatever-they're-called where it pretends that
it can be enabled and disabled.  I installed it twice and it still
doesn't work ...

> Additionally, the -i18n package used by older Thunderbird
> versions to enable their multi-language features do no longer
> exist, which makes me believe that _now_ multi-language is
> part of the program.

Hm.  Perhaps it works when I remove the whatever-it's-called.

>> > It is probably hidden somewhere in the preferences "pages" (no idea
>> > why "modern" software tends to make things more complicated than it
>> > should be).
>> Don't get me started on these programs ...  Nowadays, users are not
>> sufficiently competent to have preferences ...
> Options, settings, preferences... make them look like a web page,
> no "OK", "Cancel", "Apply" buttons; scramble all the settings,
> and change their location with every update so users will have
> something to play with... oh, and make sure all default settings
> are unusable... ;-)

Not only that, there are lots of other details, see above.  And there
aren't many settings left, that's another problem.

> Okay.
> I installed it. I have the language settings as shown above, and
> the interface is in English. I didn't find any language setting
> in the preferences.
> Go to the "hamburger menu" -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Config Editor.
> Accept the risk. I checked for "language" and "locale", and nothing
> seems to be related to interface language. Search for "intl", and
> the setting intl.regional_prefs.use_os_locales == true, which would
> know, we're more cleverer than you!
> So let's try the old fashioned way.
> Go to the "hamburger menu" -> Add-ons -> Add-ons -> Extensions.
> In the search field, enter "deutsch language pack", install the
> add-on. A window "activity manager" will open, which is empty.
> Close Thunderbird and start it again. Surprise: Still in English,
> except the date in the window's title bar.
> Go to the "hamburger menu" -> Add-ons -> Add-ons -> Languages.
> You'll see the "Deutsch (DE) Language Pack by Mozilla" is now
> installed. However, there is no way to enable it (only "Disable"
> and "Remove").
> Setting "useragent.locale" to "de" (needs to be added in the
> config editor) doesn't have any effect. And you cannot remove
> that setting (no "Delete" option in the context menu, DEL key
> doesn't do anything), so that's useless as well.

sounds like what I did

> If you search for the add-on "locale switcher", there will be
> results, but they are not compatible with current Thunderbird
> versions.
> .
> .
> .
> I need to stop here. It makes me angry. I don't want to be angry,
> especially not because of stupid software.

Be careful or we will be called trolls.  Nowadays, you just /have/ to
click on all the like buttons regardless how much something sucks;
otherwise you're a troll.

> So if you find out how to change Thunderbird back to German,
> please (!!!) write to this list for further documentation. It's
> a shame that all information I found with web search is either
> outdated or wrong (or both)...


I guess I can get away with Thunderbird in English.  I'll have to tell
the users --- and it's true --- that there is no way to get it in

Otherwise, I could try Evolution, but I don't want to have that kind of

>> >> After installing and enabling a German language pack as an addon (not to
>> >> be confused with a German dictionary (which is also installed for just
>> >> in case)), the GUI still remains in English.
>> >
>> > Those add-ons don't seem to work anymore. Version mismatch
>> > combined with improper or missing signing (same trouble as
>> > in FF). It seems they aren't needed anymore.
>> Then why doesn't it say so?
> Because it's left to the users to find out how to do "nonstandard"
> things like intending to change the interface language. Because
> all the world only the English always! ;-)

and right handed, of course

But when you use the trackball with your left hand, you suddenly notice
how wrong all the GUIs are designed.  The old X programs can have the
scroll bar on the left no problem, but all the new stuff is so great
because it's immature and you have to click the like buttons nonetheless
(even if you can't reach them because they're at odd locations).

>> >> Is this a general problem
>> >> with the language pack or something specific to FreeBSD?
>> >
>> > Not FreeBSD-specific. It's one of the typical problems of
>> > "constant change" when dealing with Mozilla software... :-/
>> Is there a usable alternative to Thunderbird for an IMAP client?
> Yes, Sylpheed is a lightweight and still very convenient and
> usable MUA. It supports IMAP (as well as SMTP and POP3, which
> is so obvious that I don't need to mention it).

Hm.  I'll try that out, thanks.  If that is in German, the users can
decide what causes them more confusion: the same program they're used to
in English but German or a new program they've never used, but in German.

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