zfs reports: "bad property list: invalid property 'checkpoint'"

BBlister bblister at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 10:03:36 UTC 2019

On my FreeBSD XXXX 11.2-RELEASE-p9 FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p9 #0: Tue Feb  5
15:30:36 UTC 2019    
root at amd64-builder.daemonology.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  amd64

every time I issue zpool list the following error is emitted as you can see

According to #zpool history this pool was created on FreeBSD on
2010-08-18.18 and has been running on the same disk flawlessly 24/7 even
though M/B and cpu were occasionally upgraded. The tool is operational and
is heavily used. It is not a boot ZFS pool. Just a storage area. zfs scrub
reports no problems. This pool was always connected to the FreeBSD and never
to a Linux or other OS. 
I have been always doing a freebsd-update and zpool upgrade after every
major FreeBSD version upgrade.
I am not sure why this has happened. I just noticed one day. 

I cannot export/import this pool because this is on a remote server and I
fear that i may not be able to re-import it again. According to zfs history
the last upgrade was: 
2017-02-05.12:19:35 zpool upgrade tank
after this there are zpool scrub tank entries.

The uptime is 76 days and I would not like to perform a reboot because it
may cause the pool not to be mounted. I would like to fix it without reboot.

The questions are:
1) Is the property 'checkpoint' supported on   11.2-RELEASE-p9
2) How can I remove this property and all the (null) properties as reported
by zpool upgrade.

Thank you very much for your help. Any suggestions are welcome. 

 # zpool list
bad property list: invalid property 'checkpoint'
        list [-Hpv] [-o property[,...]] [-T d|u] [pool] ... [interval

the following properties are supported:

        PROPERTY         EDIT   VALUES

        allocated          NO   <size>
        capacity           NO   <size>
        dedupratio         NO   <1.00x or higher if deduped>
        expandsize         NO   <size>
        fragmentation      NO   <percent>
        free               NO   <size>
        freeing            NO   <size>
        guid               NO   <guid>
        health             NO   <state>
        leaked             NO   <size>
        size               NO   <size>
        altroot           YES   <path>
        autoexpand        YES   on | off
        autoreplace       YES   on | off
        bootfs            YES   <filesystem>
        cachefile         YES   <file> | none
        comment           YES   <comment-string>
        dedupditto        YES   <threshold (min 100)>
        delegation        YES   on | off
        failmode          YES   wait | continue | panic
        listsnapshots     YES   on | off
        readonly          YES   on | off
        version           YES   <version>
        feature at ...       YES   disabled | enabled | active

The feature@ properties must be appended with a feature name.
See zpool-features(7).

Also zpool-upgrade does not operate:


 # zpool upgrade
This system supports ZFS pool feature flags.

All pools are formatted using feature flags.

Some supported features are not enabled on the following pools. Once a
feature is enabled the pool may become incompatible with software
that does not support the feature. See zpool-features(7) for details.


# zpool upgrade -a
This system supports ZFS pool feature flags.

cannot set property for 'tank': invalid feature '(null)'


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