saving "zfs send" to a Windows host

Victor Sudakov vas at
Sun Apr 28 07:50:50 UTC 2019

Carmel NY wrote:
> >
> >> However, I believe you can install bash in Windows 10. In fact, you 
> >> can install an entire linux bistro right into Windows 10.
> >>
> >> Not sure if that will help you or not, but it might be worth losing 
> >> into (I'm not a Windows person, Windows is the thing I avoid when 
> >> possible).
> >>
> >> <>  
> >
> >As a parenthesis…
> >
> >This is ‘Windows Subsystem for Linux’ (I don’t use it, but I work 
> >with some techie Windows folk who have used it and approve, and I’ve 
> >used it to teach ‘how to get by on Unix’ classes to folk including 
> >Windows laptop users).
> >
> >It’s a bit of a misnomer, in that (as far as I understand things) 
> >it’s really GNU/Windows, in the sense that ‘GNU/Linux’ is the GNU 
> >userland on the Linux kernel.  It’s the majority of an Ubuntu (or 
> >similar) distro built for the Windows kernel.
> >
> >I understand that intimate interaction with device drivers presents 
> >occasional problems, and the fact you’re on the only-just-POSIX 
> >Windows filesystem will occasionally bite you, but apart from that it 
> >works better than one might anticipate.  If you’re obliged to use a 
> >Windows 10 machine for some reason, this might be how to do it.
> >
> >…close parenthesis.
> >
> >Norman
> I believe if you want to know something, it is best to go straight to
> the source. I have used Microsoft forums in the past when I need
> accurate information and not just guesses. I would suggest that the OP
> start here
> <>
> , find an appropriate forum and post his question. At the very least,
> someone will direct him to the best place to ask his question.

The OP (that was me) humbly asked what can be used to send a zfs stream
to a Windows host for storage there, because mount_smbfs is not usable
any more. I was advised to install sshd on Windows.

However, if receiving a byte stream from FreeBSD will involve the
installation of the whole Penguin on Windows, I'd abstain.

Maybe I'll find an implementation of dd for Windows, or I'll give up the
sshd idea (which seemed brilliant at first).

And no, the host on the other side of the ssh connection is not even
Windows 10.

If I asked about receiving a zfs stream from Unix on a Windows forum,
I'd perhaps become a laughing stock.

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