Help with ntpd

Montgomery-Smith, Stephen stephen at
Sat Apr 27 21:14:21 UTC 2019

On 4/27/19 1:21 PM, Jon Radel wrote:
> On 4/27/19 13:30, Montgomery-Smith, Stephen wrote:
>> For some reason, ntpd has stopped correcting the time on my FreeBSD
>> computer.  After 12 hours, my clock has fallen back 4 hours!  So it is
>> very serious.
> Does it then stabilize at 4 hours precisely? In Missouri, which I
> believe is currently at 4 hours offset from UTC?

I think the time difference between Missouri and UTC is 5 hours.

> If so, I'd suggest that you've done something unfortunate with your
> timezone and related settings, though personally I'm having trouble
> coming up with a model where ntpdate gives you the result you expect and
> ntpd doesn't.  What timezone do your kernel clock and your CMOS/hardware
> clock believe they're in?

Everything should be local time.  This is the only OS on this computer.

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