FBSD 11.2 on VMWare ESXi

Jim Pazarena fquest at paz.bz
Tue Apr 16 00:56:09 UTC 2019

My first exploration of FreeBSD on ESXi has been a bit challenging .

While my network runs fine on vmx0 , FreeBSD doesn't seem acknowledge 
the existence of vmx1, vmx2, or vmx3 . But they do . I have a CentOS vm 
which is happy on a different vswitch .

Is there anything special about FreeBSD 'seeing' additional vswitches ?
I am using ESXi 6.7.0 8169922 , and I just downloaded an 'update 2' of 
6.7.0 .

Perhaps a re-install to this vmware update 2 will correct this . But 
that's a whole lot of work .

Any tips ahead of that would be most appreciated .
Jim Pazarena         fquest at paz.bz

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