FreeBSD desktop "best-fit" Dell platform suggestions? (sp. DC reply)

Frank Fenderbender frankfenderbender at
Wed Apr 3 08:04:39 UTC 2019

Thanks much, David C!
This type of research, unpacked from personal experience for a general perusal, salvages from the private pains & pangs, as well as the joyous successes, encountered while fitting releases to systems, and vice-[re]versa.

As payback for the efforts made towards pulling me towards the success side, I will see if i can create a spreadsheet, which I'll put up on my <> web page. Its goal will roughly be to list issues based on release:hardware. I' also like to work on a page that helps with add-on dependencies so that collisions can be avoided and troubleshooting made a bit easier. Any help on either page is greatly appreciated and open to different approaches entirely.

For now, I'll plan to post the additional page title(s) and url(s) soon... and how to send in verifiable additions to elevate its coverage (perhaps with links back to contributors for spec-test-verification details).

I'm open to how best to approach each mini-project....

best wishes,

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