NVIDIA... issues of [deep state] graphics resolved?

Carmel NY carmel_ny at outlook.com
Tue Apr 2 12:01:08 UTC 2019

On Mon, 1 Apr 2019 23:48:10 -0700, Frank stated:

>I've seen many older "issue" statements re: non-supported NVIDIA
>graphics systyems. For instance, on my Dell Precision 5820
>Workstation, Ubuntu 16.04 interfered with window manager logins so
>that it would always rest mid-logion and come back to the same login
>input box.
>Unfortunately, there is not an immediate "resolved" status nearby
>those issue postings. So, did it also occur in some ways w/r/t FreeBSD?
>Who knows what the independent-contracting CIA and computer-invasive
>NVIDIA are really up to.:
>	"NVIDIA, the microprocessor manufacturer that powers much of
>	the world’s gaming and cloud needs, will also join hands in
>	this unlikely partnership between a retail giant, a government
>	funded tech firm and the CIA. NVIDIA will provide the deep
>	learning training needed by the AI system that will process
>	billions of images collected by SpaceNet and turn it into
>	“actionable intelligence.” - fropm
>	<https://1reddrop.com/2016/08/27/amazon-help-cia-spy-earth-space/>
>	"In 2016, it was revealed that DigitalGlobe was working with
>	CIA chipmaker NVIDIA and Amazon Web Services to create an
>	AI-run satellite surveillance network known as Spacenet." --
>	from
>	<https://disobedientmedia.com/2019/03/intelligence-contractors-make-new-attempt-to-provoke-tensions-with-north-korea/>
>I am avoiding their "graphics" systems.
>Is its "issue list" resolved (or better-hidden, like Microsoft's
>backdoor spyware) for newer platforms? I suspect that not supporting
>drivers for older systems is a bit like [cr]Apple killing off the X in
>MacOSX, along with all non-proprietary security tools like Doorstop X
>Suite. "That would be telling." [The Prisoner] 
>This getting "fixed" oddly seems like "fixing a dog does to the dog...
>more like forcing manufactured issues resolution "code" closer to
>where OS security lives? I'm not "paranoid... just experienced.

No Frank, I would classify you as “delusional.” Of course, I do applaud
you for qualifying your statements and or conclusions by backing them
up with data you found on the always reliable Internet.

Seriously Frank, virtually every time I hear one of these “conspiracy”
theories I just roll my eyes. Of probably the thousands I have heard
over my lifetime, from fake moon landings, assassinations labeled
suicides, etcetera, less than a dozen were accompanied by actual,
verifiable documentation. In case after case, the supporting
documentation was always some obscure web site, or “Somebody told me,”
or “Everybody knows its true,” ad Infinitum. Of course, I am sure that
in your case, you have spent months (years) using Wireshark or a tool
of your choice to inspect every bit coming in or leaving your PC, as
well as inspecting every line of available code, so that you could
factually support your conclusions.

In any case Frank, you have a right to live your life as you choose. If
living in fear turns you on, then that is cool. Personally, I have
always required actual proof before I choose a path to follow. However,
I do want to warn you about the new danger of eating bananas. It has
been confirmed by a friend of mine who saw it on the Internet, quoted
by an unknown source, that they are implanting bananas with
microsensors that will transmit your DNA profile back to a hidden site
somewhere north of the equator. This data will be used to develop a
mind-controlling drug that can be transmitted wirelessly to your
Medulla oblongata to force mind control on you. I absolutely know this
is true. You can trust me.


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