sudo,pkg,Mailman all broken after upgrade from 10.3 to 11.2

jim at jim at
Thu Sep 13 21:29:19 UTC 2018

On 2018-09-13 11:33, Matt Smith wrote:
> On Sep 13 09:29, William Dudley wrote:
>> replying to my own questions.
>> The upgrade directions didn't state that I had to run pkg-static to 
>> upgrade
>> pkg,
>> and then do pkg upgrade.  They just said "rebuild ports", of which I 
>> have
>> none.
>> So some googling revealed the missing instructions, and I am running 
>> pkg
>> upgrade
>> as I write this.
>> Here, so the answers will be found by a search, is the missing
>> documentation:
>> After the final freebsd-update install and reboot, do this:
>> pkg-static -f install pkg
>> pkg upgrade  (or possibly "pkg -f upgrade")
> This is the problem. You run freebsd-update three times. The final
> time deletes the old shared libraries and binaries that were on the
> old system and are no longer on the new system.
> What you should do is run it twice, then run pkg upgrade to reinstall
> all the packages, and then run it the final time.
> The workaround if you do what you did is to use pkg-static instead, so
> it's good that you found this out. But I agree it should be mentioned
> in the upgrade instructions. This happens quite often.

This is in the handbook at 
in "Upgrading Packages After a Major Version Upgrade".

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