Regarding Open Source Hackathon

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Thu Oct 4 10:54:25 UTC 2018


I am Sunveer, high school student from India, Open Source Developer. Google
Code-in 2017 Grand Prize Winner.

In India there are very few hackathons and especially for High School
students, due to this issue high school students are lagging behind the
skills they want to learn and the interest they have in this field.

So, I am planning to host an Open Source Hackathon for high school students
named Hack High ( ), this hackathon's main
motive is to make high school students to get to know about programming and
this event will be help these young developers to enhance their skills. And
especially, this hackathon will focus on Open Source.

And it is understandable that hackathon cannot run without sponsors and I
alone cannot afford to host that. So if you are interested in Sponsoring
us, to help Indian high school students, that will be really helpful.

Thank You
Sunveer Singh

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