Ty Armour tya81190 at
Tue Oct 2 20:32:15 UTC 2018

I can develop this, but I need assistance.

We need a WINE or CYGWIN style environment for BSD so that we can develop
the following(with full hardware access)

Porting guitarix, rakarrack, mixxx, installing WINE, vmpk, VCVRack, from
source with detailed documentation (some of which is present) You can also
use a wine style interface to have access to windows devices such as usb
plug and play, and touch screens if you develop wine so that it interfaces
with windows hardware and translates the calls into linux or bsd.

we also need to be able to configure BSD or any other OS within our pre
existing environment and install it from the command line of our existing
system. Most of it can be done without shutting the computer down. And then
a few things can be done with reboot commands and relinking whatever
bootloader is present to our installation.  this involves configuring the
bootloader before shut down, and if possible disabling all other

then we need debugging tutorials on installing ABLETON under wine, or
cubase under wine or FLStudio under WINE. We also need a ton a ton of
bluetooth and networking tutorials for improvied bluetooth support.

and we also need to have ported and document how to port sixtyforce, and
all the games ever for it, to bsd. and how to also compile project64 under

and then yeah, having access to windows drivers under wine will help
everyone have full device compatibility almost out of the box. and will
help auto update things like JDXI synths and BOSS ME-80.

we also need mackie control support, and all the VST's on and
all the soundfonts you can think of included in BSD, and then a ton of

This will make the installs like 64gb or so, which is not too much.

any other cool features you can think of add them on, and then also link to
the OSDEv wiki and give them code and stuff, and then link to any other
tutorials you can think of, and update k-3d!

and install blender on bsd or under wine. and hydrogen and the rest will
pretty much follow and then some really nice stuff will be avaiable on BSD.

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