rsync for FreeBSD 12

Doug Hardie bc979 at
Sat May 19 05:19:12 UTC 2018

-- Doug

> On 18 May 2018, at 13:49, sergio lenzi <nervoso at> wrote:
> Em qui, 2018-05-17 às 10:58 -0400, Mike via freebsd-questions escreveu:
>> On 5/17/2018 2:45 AM, Doug Hardie wrote:
>>> I have a Rapsberry Pi 3 running FreeBSD 12 current.  I would like
>>> to be able to install rsync and a few other packages on
>>> it.  However, there are no packages available.  I don't have enough
>>> disk space to install the ports.  Is there a way to do this?
> Hello!,   You say that you have a RPI 3 running FreeBSD12 ??  can you
> tel me if you have an HDMI monitor working ???
> I have tried several images but none were able to show anything in the
> HDMI port for RPI 3.
> Can you please point me to the site you use to download the
> RPI  FreeBSD Image??

At this point I don't have many details.  The unit is a 3-5 hour drive from me.  The person who set it up does not know much about what he is doing, and remembers most of it incorrectly.  He claims there is a console, but I don't know if its HDMI or USB based.  I think he was able to log into the unit, but that has not been confirmed.  All of my access has been through SSH.  I don't know for sure which RPI board this actually is.  I have heard 3 and 3B.  I suspect it is an older 3 through.  Ethernet, USB ethernet, and USB serial all work.  Shutdown -p does a reboot like shutdown -r.  Also the rc.conf method to extend the flash drive does not work.  I had to run the function the rc.d script calls manually to make that happen.

rbpi% uname -a
FreeBSD rbpi 12.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT #0 r320146M: Tue Jun 20 09:59:03 MDT 2017     raspberry at  arm64

I know he downloaded the image from the FreeBSD servers.  I think it was an earlier version of FreeBSD-12.0-CURRENT-arm64-aarch64-PINE64-20180426-r333017.img.xz found at:

Supposedly I am being sent a unit in the next week or so and will be able to try to set it up myself and see how to make it work.  

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