Removing local_unbound

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Sat Mar 17 01:02:42 UTC 2018

On 15/03/2018 19:31, Bob McDonald wrote:
> I'm running freeBSD 11.1
> It comes with unbound compiled right in (version 1.5.10 I think)
> I installed unbound 1.6.8 with pkg install unbound
> My question is this. How do I get rid of the compiled  in unbound programs.
> (local_unbound)
> I've already stumbled across an issue where a cli command (unbound-control)
> exists in both and the current path takes the 1.5.10 version first.
> I can't see to find an answer to this question anywhere.

Sorry I didn't see the original question listed above as it appears in a
different thread on my mail client.

In order to use the port, but without rebuilding world, you'd need to
call it with full path to the binary and full path to the config file.
Same with unbound-control.

Not ideal. And I have no idea how you'd get it to auto-load on reboot
without rebuilding world without base unbound because the rc.conf
variables are the same in base as in port, ie unbound_enable=yes.


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