4K displays and window garbage.

Eric S Pulley pulley at dabus.com
Fri Jun 29 15:31:17 UTC 2018

I should probably ask this in a more specific mailing group but...

Anyone else using 2 4K displays getting the contents of the window
jumbled to unreadable muck if they resize a window more than 2000ish

I'm primarily seeing it under KDE but XFCE will do it too.  Only
happens about 20% of the time... Except: Gwenview always. and Dolphin
60% of the time.

Seems to only happen with 2 4k monitors with a single X session
spanning both windows. 

Problem is in all current Release version of FreeBSD and I'm using the
Nvidia driver for my GTX970.

Just curious wondering if anyone has seen it and if there is
something I can pass in xconf that might fix it. I's most likely a
problem with the Nvidia code but I don't think I'll have a lot of luck
getting them to fix it... Wish they we not so anal about their driver

Its pretty easy to work around just don't get greedy with how large you
make you windows. But once it mucks up the only way to really fix it
is restart X since the affected app will come back up messed up even if
you kill it and start a new window.


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